Work hard. Give back.

Business as usual.

Responsibility is not just a marketing tool. It’s a duty, a profit protector and a day-to-day success driver.

Our active, high-impact CSR initiatives keep us moving forward.


  We have an enterprise wide mixed-stream program for optimal waste diversion.

Green Dot

We help fund the cost of residential recycling in Cyprus.

Energy Efficiency

  A combination of tubular skylights and LED provides a massive reduction in energy costs.

Waste Management

  Our ongoing innovative Waste Reduction Project is aimed at saving time, money and product.

Fleet Program

Cutting edge analytics technology reduces our diesel usage and improves fleet performance.

Charitable Giving

We are a regular contributor to local children’s and cancer charities.

Community Engagement

We are a member of the Chamber of Commerce Trading Committee and regular sponsor of local events.

EU Sustainable Development Strategy

We look forward to building a more sustainable future for all of Europe.